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Kel has an incredible capacity to make any project better. She grasps the final goal, works quickly and effectively, and she can clean up, improve, and enhance any material with which she is working. 

—Mark Sutcliffe, Entrepreneur, TEC Canada chair, and host of the Digging Deep podcast


Kel is an excellent French-to-English translator. She has worked on a variety of projects for my firm, from arts festivals to environmental reports to website content. Every time, she has returned a well-written, accurate version that I can confidently forward to my client. 

 —Bridget Rooth, Owner, English Trackers


Kel is a true pleasure to work with. She brings a talent for words, the ability to craft a story out of the barest idea, and a direct approach to writing articles, meaning that each one is a delight to read. 

—John McFadyen, Executive Agile Coach


Kel has the ability to respond quickly and accurately to our clients' needs with clear writing geared to the right audiences. A talented writer and editor, she is deftly able to compose in any voice for any target audience.

—Suki Lee, President, Inbox Communications


Kel has proven to be a sharp, accurate, dependable Spanish-to-English translator for texts ranging from newsletters to contracts to advertising copy. She provides clean, elegant text with quick turnaround. My clients have been consistently happy with her work, and my job is that much easier knowing that I have a great go-to person in her.

Ivo Fiz, Spanish B2B & Direct Response Copywriter