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Beyond the University

Kel Pero's advisory services for those seeking a professional life outside of academia


Have you finished (or are you in the middle of) a PhD in the social sciences or humanities and now find yourself wondering, "Is the academy for me? Will I find a tenure-track job in my field? Do I even want one? Why did I go to grad school?"


If you're experiencing something like this, you're not alone. And here's the good news: whether or not you know which path you wish to take, your PhD is a real asset whose value you may not appreciate fully.


For nearly 15 years, I've been talking to and helping guide PhDs in the process of getting what they want out of their education and experience. As someone who made the leap from the academy into the business world, I've had a particular focus on those who wish to navigate professional territory beyond the university. Your experience and skills are valuable--and they require you to think richly and carefully about the shape of career you want, how you look at your skills, and how you present yourself. The work world is changing quickly--it's a quite different beast from just a few years ago--and believe me: your options are exciting!


I offer a free 15-minute consultation that allows us to have a chat and try to determine whether it would be beneficial for us to work together. As well as advisory sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, or phone, I offer help with CVs, social media profiles, effective writing and speaking, and general presentation and communication skills.


Contact me any time to discuss your future.


Within the University

Jo van Every: Transforming Academic Lives


Jo is a seasoned scholar, business owner, and coach who offers advice and guidance to academics on writing, developing and maintaining professional confidence, and finding the right path within the parameters of a university career. She is clear-eyed, sympathetic, and experienced. Take your first step toward shaping the scholarly career you want by visiting her website